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Why Choose Dokkham Travel

Experience and reputation
Although we have never been awarded with prices, without bragging we dare to say that we've been able to built up a strong reputation in Laos for giving the up most service for our clients, innovation and eco-tourism. We not only try to do the best for our customers but also intend to maintain a strong relationship with the Lao people we work with (e.g hotel staff, authorities, new pioneers on eco-tourism).

Until so far the success of Dokkham Travel is thanks to our motivated and experienced staff. And last but not least, the warm contacts that we intend to keep in Laos, to ensure that you will get offered their best service.

Sustainable tourism.
As the numbers of tourists visiting Laos increase, we must strive to maintain a delicate balance, neither making the Laotians dissatisfied with their ways of life nor denying them to change. When two cultures come together, both are inevitably affected. It is essential that any interaction is based on respect and understanding of cultural differences. Therefore we train our local guides to inform you us much as possible about Laotian and hill tribe customs. And vice versa, to explain some of your cultural traditions to the Laotians.

Balance and education are also the key words where the environment is concerned. Thankfully tourism in Laos has grown at the same time and pace as enthusiasm for eco-tourism. Our trips enable you to visit and get involved with many of these ventures e.g. staying at people homes and visit to national parks. Our encouragement and interest in local initiatives will allow the Laotians involved to continue their good work. Your very presence will also bring financial support.

We educate our employees so that they can contribute to our policy of sustainable tourism. Here are just a few initiatives of Dokkham travel.

Medical care and hygiene

While traveling trough Laos, you will notice that ethnic minorities in habit some of the m ost remote regions in the country. Their living conditions are tough and medical help is far away. Dokkham Travel sponsors medical aid to some of the villages that we visit. In addition, by building toilets, we try to improve the hygienic circumstances (and therefore health conditions) in some tribe dwellings.


Providing schools with water containers
Remote located schools in Laos lack sufficient (cool) drinking water. In order to make the life of the young Lao schoolchildren a little more pleasant and studying less though, we provide water tanks. If you like to help, but please do not feel obliged, we are more than willing to assist you on what and how to do.

Transportation and overnights
Means of traveling trough Laos can be a real adventure. Modes of transport are boats, planes, and tuktuk's. Providing our clients safety and comfort. Dokkham Travel uses only well maintained air-conditioned vehicles ranging from a minibus to 45-seater coach depending on the number of customers. See pictures please.

Dokkham Travel puts a lot of efforts in selecting the right hotels for you. To stay alert on the maintenance of the quality of the hotels, we watch their standard regularly.

Satisfaction quarantee
Dokkham Travel wants your trip to meet up to your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Dokkham Travel is a well established and respected travel company and is affiliated to the major travel trade and government organizations of Laos. We are registered under license number 1035. And recognized as a tour operator by the Tourism Authority of Laos. If despite all our efforts our costumers are not satisfied with our services, we will handle your suggestions or complaints in cooperation with the authorized organizations, with the up most care.



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